Silvana Della Camera Photography is dedicated to capturing the beauty of astrolandscapes and infrared photography. My specialty lies in helping photographers unleash their creativity and bring their unique vision of the world to life. Whether you are new to photography or an experienced professional, my services provide tailored instruction to help you refine your skills and take your work to the next level. I offer group, club, and individual instruction to cater to your specific needs and preferences. Let me help you turn your passion for photography into stunning works of art. Serving photographers in New England and beyond.

Great North American Eclipse Subscriber Gallery

  • Great North American Eclipse Prominences at totalityGreat North American Eclipse
  • Great North American Eclipse Diamond Ring
  • Great North American Eclipse Prominences at totality
  • Minot's Ledge Lighthouse after a storm,
  • Eastern Sierra Mountains
  • Manhattan at Night
  • Great North American Eclipse

Capturing what is not apparent.

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