The dates on the calendar below reflect the dates the galactic core is visible. The core becomes visible again in late January or early February, after dipping below the horizon in early November. As the months progress, the core is visible for longer periods of time. In May, I begin scheduling workshops as the time is best suited to photograph the Milky Way based on the phase of the Moon and the relative reasonable hour at which the galactic core is visible above the horizon. The amount of cloud cover is critical for a successful shoot. Clouds can add interest to an image. Up to 30% to 40% total cloud cover is acceptable for a shoot. However, a higher ratio requires a reschedule.

When registering for a group workshop or private session, keep in mind the dates may change due to clarity of the forecasted skies. A clear forecast can suddenly change to completely cloudy, so flexibility is critical. Please plan accordingly.

Milky Way Arch over West Quoddy Light

Flexibility is key for Milky Way photography. 


Milky Way Visibility Calendar