Below is a list of upcoming and past presentations and notable events. Please note that competition judging dates are not included in the event calendar. If you’re interested in a photography presentation or workshop for your club or association, please contact me. I’d be happy to help.

Breakers of Darkness

My obsession translated into book form. 110 pages of lighthouse images, photographed mostly in New England, but also around the world.

Available on high-quality art papers and also paperback. Learn more.


November 2022

Sights Beyond the Spectrum – Digital Infrared Photography

This book will peel away the confusing layers of infrared shooting and processing in the digital darkroom. It will give you an understanding of what infrared is and how it renders a scene. Understanding the technical terms is key to achieving the type of infrared image you desire. This book will give you insights into the challenges of developing the strange, rather flat-looking infrared images. Learn how infrared allows you to see the world as many other fellow creatures can experience it naturally. View the world around us in a different wavelength through the power of your digital camera. Published December 2023

Available in eBook and Hardcover versions.



Upcoming Events

Notable Moments and Other Stuff

Humbled to be awarded the Honor of Master Member of the New England Camera Club Council (MNEC).

May 1st, 2023

Considering coverting a camera to infrared?

Use code SDCIR2024 for a discount on any infrared camera conversion at LifePixel

Use this link to get free shipping on any order $50 or more plus a free gift. Next to my camera, this is my favorite photography gear. 

Think Tank


LRTimelapse is my tool for creating time-lapse videos. I’ve tried many tools through the years but by far, LRTimelapse is the gold standard for producing quality time-lapse videos.


Coming up in 2024, we kick off the year with a weekend-long conference. I am excited to be one of the speakers this year at the 7th Annual Virtual Creative Photography Conference along with Hazel Meredith, Kathleen Clemmons, Andrew Kavanagh, Jim Nix, Vanelli, Phil Atiyeh, and Richard Lewis. There will be 13 hours of sessions full of photography goodness! I hope you can join us!

My artwork is on display at the Focus 244 Gallery “World Travel” exhibit during the month of August 2023.

Visit this awesome gallery in York, Maine if you’re in the area, and check out the beautiful images by artists in and out of New England.

My Magnificent in Flight was awarded the NECCC Robert  Strindberg  Ornithology  Award   Best  Bird

Salon Sorella had an open house on November 27 at the Franklin location featuring local small businesses & artisans. What a fantastic time we had. Big thanks to all that supported local artisans!

LifePixel, the company that performs conversions to infrared (as well as many other camera services), has a given me gallery for my infrared images. Many thanks 

LifePixel Gallery 04/23/2019

Beyond honored to have yet another one of my images selected by Nikon in their Instagram 100 Year Anniversary stories

Nikon Instagram


My narrative of pictures without a time-lapse.

My image won 2nd place in the Class 1 “Gardens of Memory” photography competition.  


Truly honored to have one of my images selected by Nikon in their Instagram 100 Year Anniversary stories

Nikon Instagram


April 2019 Artist of the Month at Cilla’s Coffeehouse Norfolk, MA 04/01/2019

Honored to find out that one of my images was featured in the January 1, 2020 Wicked Local issue of the Country Gazette

The Country Gazette 01/01/2020


Tickled pink that my work was featured in a recent Wicked Local issue of the Country Gazette

The Country Gazette 09/21/2018


My infrared and black and white images were featured in a recent Wicked Local issue of Country Gazette 04/12/2019

Stony Brook Camera Club celebrated 50 years and was featured in the Boston Globe. This image was one  that was selected for the printed copy. 9/15/2019

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Light Painting at Rexhame Beach
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PSRI – Essentials of Infrared Photography WorkshopThis is a two-part workshop which will include a live shoot and follow-up post processing session. Photographic Society of Rhode Island
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