Lighthouses. Just the word makes my heart skip a beat.

I’m often asked why I cherish lighthouses so much. I think they are so beautiful and in many ways poetic. They exemplify strength. They face fierce storms and keep the light on. In a way, they are an analogy to how to live life. We all face vicious storms in our lifetime. We have to remember to stand tall and keep the light burning bright.  

This book encompasses many years of photographs, mostly around New England. I am not done capturing these beauties yet (by far). There are many more beautiful lighthouses to visit, explore and gaze at, in New England where I live, and around the world.

I have been told more times than I care to admit that I need an intervention. If there was ever a good kind, this would be it. Lighthouses and Milky Way photography are the two reasons I most often get this concerned accusation. Sometimes obsessions bring about things you never considered before.

Thanks to folks giving me the idea and pushing me along, through images and stories, inspiration lurches forth. I hope I may implant a new perspective for your appreciation of landmarks fixed in existence, yet seldom pondered.

Now available in 2 book options. The books are filled with lighthouse photographs, their histories and the backstories of the images.

Why 3 versions? To help people get the best quality book they can afford.

The hardcover and softcover editions are fine art books, printed on thick, high
-quality photographic paper. Each lighthouse photograph is a frame-quality print. These make a great coffee table book and thoughtful gift for any lighthouse lover.

Three options as follows, based on paper quality. The first two options offer the best quality books.

Option 1

The thickest photographic paper 100 lb. paper Mohawk ProPearl archival.

Hardcover – Laminated hardcover.   10″ x 8″             $149
Softcover – High-gloss Flexible cover.  10″ x 8″         $100

Option 2

Similar to the above, high-quality editions on 80 lb. photographic paper. Slightly larger book than option 1.

Hardcover – Matte hardcover.   11″ x 8.5″             $58.00
Softcover – High-gloss Flexible cover.  11″ x 8.5″         $49.99

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