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How to: Create a Timelapse

As a photographer, my world revolves around the capture of a moment. A frozen sliver of time. For me, this quote, by the master Dorothea Lange sums it up: “Photography takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still.” This is the magic that a photograph possesses and never loses. It is […]

How to Photograph the Aurora

We are entering a wonderful time to experience the aurora close to home. Learn how to plan and photograph this most beautiful and elusive event. Our Sun is currently increasing its activity, which is evident from the appearance of numerous sunspots on its surface, flares, and Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs). These phenomena have a significant […]

Shaken, not Stirred

As the title may suggest, I am a fan of Bond films (an acute understatement). I’ve viewed every single Bond film, numerous times over. Each time I revisit one, I see something I have missed before, even though I am completely engrossed from the opening to the closing credits. I will suggest applying this well-known […]

A Look Back at the Great North American Solar Eclipse

I was waiting for this eclipse for ages. I’ve taken photos of many partial eclipses, but I’ve never had the chance to see totality. There were other total eclipses in North America, but they never happened when I was free. Luckily, this one was special, as it was close to my home. Seeing this phenomenon was unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced. It was truly magnificent in action.

How-to: Busting the Mental Blockage

What do you struggle with in your photography? Is it difficult to pick up your camera and dedicate time to explore and push your capabilities forward? Or are you in the other camp, photographing constantly but hitting the doldrums in your art? Like anything else we do, investing time is required to become proficient and with this, boredom can set in. If you are proficient in using your camera and it’s not in your hands as often as it once was, it is time to reassess your photographic vision. Likewise, if you aren’t proficient with your camera yet it is time to tackle the barriers.

A Look Back at 2023

Another blink, another year gone. It seems like each year increases its speed exponentially thus increasing my panic of not jamming enough into the allotted 365 days. Time is infinite, my existence is not. 2023 had many moments of extremes, pure joy and of deep sadness and high frustration. I got to visit Death Valley […]

How-to: Capture Enchanting December

December. The month of the year blazes with colorful lights as the length of daylight approaches its shortest duration. A perfect time to experiment with camera settings and get creative with your photography! You can take advantage of colorful lights close to home, visit the light displays in the city, visit places like La Salette […]

How to: Photograph a Solar Eclipse

We have an annular eclipse coming up as well as the “North American” eclipse in April 2024. The following how-to applies to any solar eclipse, not just the ones noted. It also applies to anytime you wish to photograph the Sun. The Sun is a wonderful object to photograph, eclipse or not. Safety. Safety. Safety […]