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X-Ray Vision at Night

Infrared gives us X-ray vision. Well sort of. It allows us to see past our own narrow (pathetic) bandwidth. It is perfect for night photography. You may think this is an oxymoron. Infrared is normally viewed as photography under a blazing sun, perhaps peppered with some puffy clouds. A type of photography generally shot within […]

AI – The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

AI. Artificial Intelligence. It’s everywhere these days. AI is defined as the simulation of human intelligence by software-coded heuristics. Heuristics are the strategies derived from previous experiences with similar problems. Boxed in is another way of looking at it. Human thought is, or rather should be, limitless. There are three schools of thought about using AI. […]

How-to: Photographing Carnival Lights

When was the last time you went to a carnival? You know, the traveling show you looked forward to as a kid that marked the start of summer. Yes, they are noisy, loud, and crowded but prime fodder for photographing a variety of whirling multi-colored lights. Every carnival is a bit different, albeit with similar […]

How-to: Star Trails

Images with star trails are captivating. They are also easy to accomplish and can be created most anywhere, even in a light polluted city or your own backyard. Creating a star trail image is a great way to get started in astrolandscape photography. It’s a type of night photography that never gets old. Digital cameras […]

How-to: Photograph an Astrolandscape

Night photography is a challenge in many ways. Our night vision is quite pathetic so we need to lean (heavily) on our cameras to tell us how much light is actually available. Luckily, digital cameras see really well in the dark so this becomes a simple exercise in understanding the histogram. These steps are for […]

Rethink Photo Processing Options

When we think about photo processing software, Photoshop and Lightroom immediately come to mind. These are great tools and I have been using Photoshop and Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) for many years. Usually, they are part of my main workflow. Having said that, I do use other software as there are many other excellent tools […]

Winter: Are you a hibernator or forager?

If you live in areas where cold temperatures, snow, and ice are the components, the very word may invoke distaste, dread, or delight. Like other mammals, some humans hibernate, while others continue foraging through the winter season. Which camp are you in? Foragers keep digging for nuggets. These take the form of learning new camera […]

How to: Create a Moonrise Time-lapse

An image of a full Moon is enchanting. However, a moonrise time-lapse leaves enchanting behind and gives the viewer a visceral kick in the head. A moonrise can be a challenge to photograph, especially when the Moon is full and rises after astronomical twilight and you’ve set your sights on a foreground object that is […]